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What Sets a Montessori School Apart
October 14, 2018 The Childrens Academy

What Sets a Montessori School Apart

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What Sets a Montessori School Apart?

What Sets a Montessori School Apart

There are a number of key differences between a Montessori and traditional preschool. While the Montessori system is a single educational process, each classroom is also unique.

Listed below are some of the core philosophies that distinguish Montessori schools.


Each moment is viewed as a learning opportunity. As such, children can learn the reading, writing, and math skills they need to be successful in kindergarten. Much of this is done through self-directed work and circle time, which also helps them be self-controlled and able to concentrate better.


More valuable than time, stability is offered to children as they stay with the same teacher for many years instead of having a new teacher each year. This helps children bond with teachers on a deeper level and it also enables teachers to develop and implement a long-term, individualized learning plan for each student.


While traditional classrooms focus on structure, Montessori classrooms are extremely flexible. There aren’t mandated activities that must be completed in certain time periods. Instead, a child’s individual needs dictate the pace at which they move. Children are also encouraged to engage in activities that interest them and collaborate with others. They’re never forced to move on until they’ve mastered a topic.

Holistic Approach

Traditional daycares are more concerned with entertaining children. They simply introduce them to basic educational topics if they have time. However, Montessori schools use a holistic approach that focuses on helping their children become well-educated, well-rounded, and highly successful. In doing so, children develop social skills and positive life habits through peer-to-peer mentorship. This also teaches them cooperation, altruism, and leadership skills.


Traditional daycare facilities rely on instructor-directed discipline. However, in Montessori school children are encouraged to move about freely as they engage in and explore the various activities they choose to engage in. This lets them learn through hands-on interaction instead of repetitive memorization. The reason why this type of learning style and environment are better for children is that it fosters a true love of learning since children make their own decisions about what they’ll learn.

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