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What Type of an Edge Can Your Child Achieve with a Montessori School Education
October 31, 2018 The Childrens Academy

What Type of an Edge Can Your Child Achieve with a Montessori School Education

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What Type of an Edge Can Your Child Achieve with a Montessori School Education?

What Type of an Edge Can Your Child Achieve with a Montessori School Education?

Montessori School Education

There are many different learning styles facilitated by a variety of learning environments.

Montessori is one of them, but it has many benefits that can give your child an edge when they enter school.

Focusing on Key Developmental Stages

Young children work on honing their large muscle and language skills while older children strive to reach key developmental milestones. This is accomplished for younger children through things like cooking, arts, and crafts and for older children via trips and special events in their community.

Encouraging Cooperative Play

Teachers don’t “run” their classrooms. Children guide their daily activities. This is great because children share and work cooperatively together, which builds trust and respect.

Child-Centered Learning

The classroom and curriculum are built around the child’s needs and abilities. Children can then work on exploring and learning at their own pace since they can reach everything they need to do so. Peers help each other in this endeavor too.

Order Taught Through the Classroom Environment

While there are “ground rules,” children choose what activities they’ll work on and for how long they’ll do so. Through this environment, children learn self-discipline, concentration, self-control, and motivation.

Learning Experiences Facilitated by Teachers

Everything has a specific location, giving the environment a sense of order. This helps them learn self-discipline. It also makes it easier for children to be more creative.

Creativity Inspired by Learning

Teachers act as “guides” who facilitate the learning experience instead of dictating it. They base the direction on their children’s lead but do make sure all ground rules are followed. Otherwise, they’re there to encourage students to work at their own pace while they remain unobtrusive.

Helps Children Effectively Develop Skills

Since children choose their own activities to work on according to their own terms, creativity is encouraged. This is more enjoyable for children as they get to unleash their natural creativity.

A Highly Individualized Learning Plan for Each Student

Studies show that Montessori classrooms have better math and reading abilities than traditional schools. Social development is also more advanced. This is because children learn at their own pace, which makes them comfortable in seeking out challenges that accelerates their learning.

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