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Getting Ready for Preschool
May 15, 2019 The Childrens Academy

Getting Ready for Preschool

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Getting Ready for Preschool

Getting Ready for Preschool

Preschool is the first big step your child will take when it comes time to embark on their educational journey. It’s no wonder that this is a scary time for both children and parents alike. Fortunately, there are some things you can do in the weeks leading up to your child’s first day of preschool that will help you both settle your nerves. These activities will also help your child grow more excited about starting preschool instead of being scared when they enter their new classroom.

Explore the Idea of Preschool Through Pretend Play

Play with your child and allow each of you to assume all roles – parent, teacher, and student. As you do so, make sure you act out the common daily routines you’ll encounter (e.g. dropping off your child, picking up your child, circle time, nap time). Doing so will help your child feel sure that they’ll not only be able to learn new things, but also have fun while doing so. Of course, you’re bound to have some questions arise as you do this, make sure you are patient in answering them so your child feels more in control and less anxious.

Check Some Books out of Your Local Library to Read About Preschool

You’ll find a lot of books available on this topic. Share several of them with your child throughout the summer before they start preschool. This means doing more than simply reading the book to your child. You’ll also want to discuss the book and how it makes your child feel.

Make it a Game to Practice Self-Help Skills

There are lots of great ways to practice self-help skills (e.g. unzipping and hanging your coat and backpack, fastening your shoes, sitting for circle time, unpacking their lunch) with your child. For instance, you could have a race to see how fast you can do these things. By playing school with your child, you’ll give them a chance to practice the self-help skills they’ll need to be successful there.

Visit Your New Preschool, Before the Big Day Arrives

Make sure you visit the preschool before your child’s first day. When you do so, spend a few minutes playing with your child while there. Doing so will help your child be more comfortable and self-confident in this new environment.

Helping your child get ready for preschool is a big stepping stone. Its importance cannot be understated so if you need some help in doing this successfully, make sure you contact The Children’s Academy in Mansfield, Texas today.