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What Age to Start Giving Chores to My Children?
July 11, 2019 The Childrens Academy

What Age to Start Giving Chores to My Children?

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What Age to Start Giving Chores to My Children?

Giving your kids chores is more than just a way for you to get some help around the house. Chores also help your child to learn responsibility and important skills. They help your child to become more independent. But the question on many parents’ minds is, what is the right age to start?

Chores for ToddlersWhen to Start Chores?
Many parents are unsure of exactly what age is the right age to begin chores. The answer might surprise you. Believe it or not, children can start doing chores as early as the age of two. Starting with small, simple chores in the beginning can help in the development of your child while they also learn some very important skills.

Chores for Toddlers
Chores for toddlers can be very simple. One of the best for young children is picking up their toys and putting them away in their appropriate places. If your child is resistant to picking up toys in the beginning, you can turn it into a game to see who can pick up toys the fastest.  Other chores toddlers can do include helping to make the bed, putting clothes in the wash basket, cleaning up spills, dusting, and helping to feed pets. Chores will need to be done with supervision.

Preschooler Chores
As your child reaches their pre-school years, many of the chores they did as toddlers can be done with less supervision. For instance, your child will not need as much supervision when it comes to making up their bed or picking up their toys. Additional chores your child can do at this age include helping to set the table and helping to prepare meals. You may also add getting dressed in the morning and getting pajamas on at night to their chore list as well. 

Chores fore School-Aged Children
As your child continues to grow, you can adjust their chores accordingly. You can still expect them to pick up their toys, make their bed, and get dressed on their own. You may add other chores onto their list such as cleaning their room, helping to fold laundry, putting their laundry away, setting the table and cleaning up after dinner without supervision, taking care of pets. 

Chores teach your kids some important lessons about being responsible for their possessions and taking care of themselves. You help your child to develop a good work-ethic, which is important in school and as an adult. At the Children’s Academy in Mansfield, Texas, part of our curriculum includes picking up and cleaning, two very important chores. If you need any additional help with age-appropriate chores for your child, we would be more than happy to help!