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How Do I Motivate My Child Who is Struggling in School?
July 19, 2019 The Childrens Academy

How Do I Motivate My Child Who is Struggling in School?

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How Do I Motivate My Child Who is Struggling in School?

Motivate My Child Who is Struggling in School

When your child is struggling with their schoolwork, they might start to lose motivation. They might stop paying attention, lose focus when doing their homework, or even avoid doing their homework altogether. Doing well academically is important for your child’s future, but you don’t want to pressure them. Here are X ways to help motivate your child when they are struggling in school.

Keep a Positive Attitude

As a parent, you want your child to do well. When they’re not motivated, it can become frustrating. Avoid threatening or punishing your child. Doing so can actually do much more harm, and can cause your child to become defiant. Maintaining a positive attitude and keeping an open and honest relationship with your child can show them that you’re on their side, which can help to provide them with a confidence boost.

Offer Help, But Don’t Hover

Set up a homework routine with your child. Choose a distraction-free environment, whether that’s the dining room, the island in the kitchen, or a desk set up in the home office. Let your child know that you are available to help them, but don’t hover around them. It’s also important that you don’t do your child’s homework for them. If there’s something your child doesn’t understand, sit down with them and help them to go through it piece by piece. It can also be helpful to take breaks. Breaks can serve as a reward for getting through a chunk of homework or can help your child to calm down if they’re getting frustrated.

Focus on What’s Being Learned

Try not to stay focused on grades. Rather than asking your child how they did on their spelling or math test that day, ask them what they learned instead. Grades are important, but so is the act of learning. By taking an interest in what your child is learning, you show your child that you’re interested in them. Asking them what they learned can also help them to verbalize their lessons, which can help them to understand them even further.

Praise Their Hard Work

When you see your child trying, praise them. Praise for their hard work can help to encourage them to continue trying, even when things get tough. A hug, a pat on the back, or even simply telling your child that you’re proud of them can be incredibly powerful motivational tools.

By helping to motivate your child, you can also help them to do better in school. It’s also okay to reach out for help. If you live in Mansfield, Texas, and your child is struggling, The Children’s Academy can help. Contact us for more information!