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How to Boost Your Child’s Reading Confidence
October 21, 2019 The Childrens Academy

How to Boost Your Child’s Reading Confidence

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boost your child's reading confidenceHow to Boost Your Child’s Reading Confidence

Reading is an essential part of a child’s learning and future success in school. Unfortunately, many children see reading as either a chore or they might suffer from anxiety when they are first starting out to read. However, with the right help, your child can become a reading wiz and may even find that they love it.

One way to combat confidence issues while reading is to get your children involved in reading every day. At first, start out slow with only 10 to fifteen minutes a day. It’s important to not push reading on to your child or they may come to loathe it and never want to do it. Practicing reading will help your child build confidence and helps prove to themselves that it’s not all that hard. As they build their reading skills, they’ll find more enjoyment in reading, and they’ll want to read more often.

Another way to boost your child’s reading confidence is to get them to read out loud. Many shy children are great readers, but struggle to find their voice when reading out loud. Reading out loud will give them practice so they don’t stumble over words as often. If you want to provide further support, ask your child to read a family member a short book every day. They’ll become accustomed to reading in front of different people, which will help them in the classroom.

If your child struggles to read at all, you can get involved by reading to them. Their confidence will grow as they watch a role model do what they don’t believe is possible! Contrary to belief reading before bedtime may not always be a good idea. This is because your child may fall asleep and forget that you read to them. Take time out during the day to read to them so they have the energy to ask questions about how to read certain words and be more involved.

The last thing you can do to help your children is to enroll them in pre-school. Preschool has been proven to be one of the largest factors in a child’s reading and educational success, and we can help you get started. The Children’s Academy specializes in helping new readers. Give us a visit at 1770 Country Club Drive in Mansfield, Texas and we can set your child up to have a great future in reading and education!