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How to Encourage Your Child to Face Their Fears
October 30, 2019 The Childrens Academy

How to Encourage Your Child to Face Their Fears

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How to Encourage Your Child to Face Their Fears

It’s never fun to see your child stressed out due to fear. They should be having fun and enjoying life instead. However, many children face anxiety due to all sorts of factors, and one of the biggest factors is going to school the first time. At The Children’s Academy, we see many children who are fearful entering school for the first time, and over the years, we’ve noticed some surefire way to help them through their struggles.

Children’s fear often stems from the unknown. Since going to school for the first time is most likely one of the biggest steps your child has taken in their life, they probably don’t know what to expect. You can help them through this in many ways.

Child to Face Their Fears

One way to help your child through their fear of entering school is to relate to them. Let them know you were scared your first day of school like them. You can even tell them stories about what you were scared about. Your child will see fear is a normal feeling to have when going into the unknown, and that will help them face their fears. It’s also important to let them know you were okay, even though you were scared and that you actually had a lot of fun on your first day.

Next, you can tell them about all the fun things they can experience by going to school. We see that positive encouragement is effective at helping them understand the importance of school. Tell them about all the things they can learn about and about all the friends they can make. Many children brighten up when they hear that they’ll be able to interact with other children or learn about their favorite subject.

You can also try to answer all their questions about school. Many times, children are very curious about what school is, and they might not really understand the purpose. Shedding light on any questions they might have will relieve them of any doubt and make them more optimistic about their future in school.

By giving information to their child, they will most likely want to reach out and attend school. The Children’s Academy loves to see new faces, and we have helped fearful children for many years. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a school that cares about them beyond education, visit us at 1770 Country Club Drive, Mansfield, TX, and we’ll be happy to help you do so!