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Healthy Sleep Habits for Toddlers
February 21, 2020 The Childrens Academy

Healthy Sleep Habits for Toddlers

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Healthy Sleep Habits for Toddlers

Sleep is crucial for human beings of all ages. However, for toddlers, sleep is that much more important. Toddlers spend more of their time asleep than awake. This is mostly because the growth process happens as they sleep. They need their sleep to grow not only physically but also mentally. Sleep also goes a long way for toddlers to make their immune systems stronger, more aware, happier, alert, and generally even-tempered as opposed to when they are sleep deprived. Since a child is learning everything, they also need direction when it comes to establishing routines and habits when it comes to matters of sleep. These include:

Establishing routines

Routines are a parent’s best friend. The hardest part is usually in the creation of these routines, but once they are in place, things get a lot easier. In their toddler stage, children will need about 12-14 hours of sleep every 24 hours, which includes nap times during the day. You should make sure that nap time is at the same time and never missed. Other activities such as bathing and bedtime should also be done at the regular time, so that the child doesn’t have any disruptions during sleep time.

Using security objects

With time, children will observe their environments and get attached to an object such as a stuffed animal or blanket. To promote the toddler’s sleep, you can encourage the child to go to bed with the object so that they feel safer. This way, they will be more prone to sleeping through the night.

Leveraging naps

Naps are critical for a toddler to grow strong and develop as they should. Naps are an excellent tool for any guardian or parent who is looking to instill better sleep habits. Since these toddlers are very active when they are awake, the naps help to give their fast-developing bodies and minds some reprieve. Doctors have also found that toddlers are more restless and sleepless when they are overly tired, which often means keeping up the caregiver. When kids nap, they even wake up feeling rejuvenated and in a good mood.


Toddles usually give some telltale signs that they are sleepy. Often this will be preceded by restlessness, yawning, and rubbing their eyes. When you see that, take them to a distraction-free room that is lightly lit and at a comfortable temperature, which is typically between 68 and 72 degrees. This helps the child to sleeps with few chances of being prematurely woken from their slumber.

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