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How is The Children’s Academy Working to Keep My Children Safe?
March 18, 2020 The Childrens Academy

How is The Children’s Academy Working to Keep My Children Safe?

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How is The Children’s Academy Working to Keep My Children Safe?

We are rapidly heading towards spring, and with spring come kids who are suffering from allergies, as well as colds and the flu. While The Children’s Academy (TCA) is aware that little kids have sniffles that seem to follow them wherever they go, we also know this is a time of worry for parents. In light of the coronavirus, how are we working to keep your kids safe while they are with us? Here is some information about all of the ways we work to protect your kids at The Children’s Academy.

We Are Militant About Hand Washing

One of the best ways that we can prevent the spread of coronavirus is by constant hand washing. While this chore is boring for us and the littles, we make it a fun game. We talk to kids about washing their hands through two Happy Birthdays! If your child is too small to wash their hands, no worries. We are keeping the babies’ hands clean as well with wipes. We are working with children to make sure they wash their hands each time they use the bathroom.

We Are Also Militant About Cleaning

You know from visiting us daily at The Children’s Academy that we keep our learning center so clean, you could eat off the floor–not that you’d want to. Our concerns about the coronavirus mean that we have really stepped up our cleaning to a whole new level. First, we are constantly wiping down surfaces our littles touch with disinfectant. We know that because the coronavirus can live on surfaces, constant disinfecting is important.

The other type of cleaning we have stepped up is toy cleaning. With young children, we know that they put everything in their mouths if they can. We usually disinfect the toys daily, but we have now begun disinfecting them multiple times a day. This includes play areas outside as well as inside.

We Want to Keep Your Kids Safe

As parents, we are all worried about our children becoming ill, especially when they run a fever. When they are sick, we feel sick as well. We are usually very cautious when children become ill, and we urge parents to keep children at home when they are sick. TCA is working with you to make sure that if your child has any kind of fever, you need to keep them at home. When one of our kids starts running a fever at school, we are isolating them and contacting the parent immediately to come and pick them up. When we all work together, we can make sure that all of our littles are healthy and safe.