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How Can I Help The Children’s Academy as a Parent?
March 24, 2020 The Childrens Academy

How Can I Help The Children’s Academy as a Parent?

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How Can I Help The Children’s Academy as a Parent?

The Coronavirus is nothing to joke about. We’re sure that you have seen articles or watched news stories about the new virus. The virus can cause fevers, sore throats, runny noses, body aches and a cough. We are doing all of our parts at The Children’s Academy to keep our surfaces clean and virus-free. However, there are some things that you can do as a parent to help us keep The Children’s Academy as safe as possible.

Health Precautions – What to Do if Your Child Gets Sick

You are probably already aware of our requirements for children who are ill. If your child has a fever over 99 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to keep them at home. Because the Coronavirus, as well as colds and the flu, are so contagious, you need to keep sick children at home to avoid spreading the virus. Please do not bring your child to The Children’s Academy if they are running a fever. Also, you have to wait 24 hours to bring your child to school after they have had a fever. If your child begins to run a fever at night, you can’t give them Tylenol and bring them to school the next morning, because that’s not safe for anyone.


We are always practicing cleanliness here at The Children’s Academy, because we work with children every day and it is our responsibility to keep them safe. We are making sure their hands and faces are clean every time they play outside or use the bathroom. You can do your part at home as well to keep your child safe and healthy. First, make sure that they are washing their hands after they use the bathroom. Help them wash their hands while they are singing the ABC’s or two Happy Birthday songs.

You can also make sure you are keeping areas where your child plays clean and healthy as well. You need to wipe surfaces down with disinfectant regularly, multiple times a day. If it is possible, you can put toys that your child mouths in the dishwasher to keep them clean and disinfected.

You may also want to limit the number of friends your child plays with during the Coronavirus outbreak. Be sure that he or she does not play with kids that are sick, or who have sick brothers, sisters, or other relatives. Instead of having friends over to play inside, you may want to schedule play dates at the park with a small group of friends.

We know that these are difficult times for parents. We all want to keep our children safe. Thanks so much for doing your part to help all of our children stay virus free.