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The Purposeful Teaching of Social Skills in Montessori Schools
April 30, 2020 Russ Arnold

The Purposeful Teaching of Social Skills in Montessori Schools

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The Purposeful Teaching of Social Skills in Montessori Schools

With the many forms of education we now see in our society, the question of which method allows for the best form of socialization, often comes into question. Whether a public school, private education, home education, or Montessori, socialization is bound to happen in one form or the other. What makes the Montessori approach to socialization unique, is its deliberate, purposeful approach, ensuring excellent socialization skills.

Doesn’t Socialization Just Come Naturally?

It is easy to question why we are all so concerned about a child’s socialization. After all, we are social creatures, and most often, naturally want to socialize. The Montessori philosophy agrees, but takes it a step further, by teaching our children how to use that desire to socialize, in a proper way. We have all heard the phrase, children are like sponges. It’s true, at the young, preschool age, our children are absorbing so much information, and creating habits that will last them a lifetime. At this young age, in the Montessori school, children are taught proper manners, and polite social skills, which makes it easy for them to naturally carry these skills throughout their lives. The Montessori education respects a child’s ability to easily learn these necessary social skills, when given the tools to do so.

It takes more than just putting a group of children together, for optimal socialization to happen. Children can be left on their own to have fun for sure. The Montessori philosophy simply uses that natural time of fun and curiosity, to instill thoughtfulness, sharing, and respect. Imagine the difference in a group of children doing their own thing, with no structure every day, compared to a group the same age, enjoying fun and creativity, while being gently reminded to use their manners. In the end, the children being taught to socialize politely, will be pleasant, polite children, with superior social skills. What children are being taught at a young age, absolutely carries into the following childhood years, and eventually adulthood.

At Country Club Montessori, of Mansfield, Texas, we are privileged to work side by side with parents, in the joy of Montessori education. Social skills, although only one part of this long-respected form of education, are the anchor needed for continued excellent education, and a successful life ahead. Please free to contact us with all of your Montessori education questions. We are located in Mansfield, Texas at 1770 Country Club Drive. We can be reached by phone at 817-473-8585.