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Understanding Playground Safety
June 10, 2020 Russ Arnold

Understanding Playground Safety

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Understanding Playground Safety 

While we might not be able to dodge accidents forever, it’s important to minimize any kind of accident or injury that may take place on a playground. In case you are not aware of the basic rules involved in playground safety, let’s take a look at a few of them. 

Adult Supervision 

Whenever children decide to play in a playground, they need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children are still learning how to completely look after themselves and they aren’t aware of the various accidents that could take place while they are playing. This includes them falling off the swing, getting hit by a see-saw, or trying to climb up a slide. 

Things Parents Should Know 

Parents should always be aware of when their children are going to the playground, whether it is with their nanny or their grandparents. It is important to check the play zone in the playground to check for any sharp edges or chipped objects that could cause bruising or serious hurt. 

Safer Playground

While this isn’t a rule, it’s always better for a playground to have mud or sand as the base rather than cement or tiles. This is because children will fall while playing and when there is mud or sand on the surface, the fall will have a lesser impact as compared to a fall on concrete or tiles. 


It’s very important to ensure children wear comfortable shoes while playing. If their shoes are laced, ensure they are tied properly so they don’t open up and children don’t trip over them while playing. Prevent your children from wearing flip flops when going out to play because this increases the chances of them falling and getting hurt. 

Teaching Your Children Patience 

Apart from the playground being a safe place to play, you also need to teach your child how to get along with everyone and learn to be patient. There may be more than one child wanting to play on the same equipment and it’s important to make your child understand that pushing other children or abusing them is not the way to go. They need to learn to form lines and organizing themselves for everyone to get a chance to play. 

A playground should be a space for children to have fun and enjoy with other children and it is an integral part of a school too. At the Country Club Montessori of Mansfield, Texas, we pay utmost attention to playground safety so children can enjoy themselves without the risk of getting injured.