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Unique Ways To Teach Children Something Different This Summer
June 25, 2020 The Childrens Academy

Unique Ways To Teach Children Something Different This Summer

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Unique Ways To Teach Children Something Different This Summer

There is no denying that there are unlimited choices when it comes to picking a school for young ones. However, choosing the right school is of utmost importance since this is what helps to mold a young mind and help them shine in whatever path they choose.

Schools shouldn’t only be about studies and classrooms, but a whole lot more. With the world transforming and things changing, it’s necessary to have a cohesive learning experience that molds a child, not only on the educational front but in various other walks of life as well. Some of these teachable moments are what you should look out for when picking the right school for your kids.


Just because you belong to a certain culture or ethnicity does not mean your child shouldn’t be exposed to different cultures or languages. A school that encourages children to learn different languages should be a priority for your child.

Keep Them Updated

As mentioned earlier, a school should not only be limited to a classroom and textbooks. Children should know what’s happening in the world around them. In times like these, informing them about Covid-19 and teaching them safety measures is better than making them go through a textbook lesson.

Allowing Them To Let Loose

Encouraging students to come up with new games that involve the entire classroom and teaching them how to spend time outdoors is something a school should do. Children should never be confined to the four walls of a classroom. It will do nothing but hamper their productivity. Taking them out in the open once a day could benefit them greatly.

Teaching Them New Skills

Conducting dance or cooking classes, where the entire classroom is involved, is something to look out for. Learning new things gets children excited, whether it’s a simple recipe or learning a new dance move.

Call In Role Models

Children love looking up to prominent people, whether it is a policeman, a doctor, a computer engineer, or even a nurse. A school should allow children to engage with such people and understand how they could also pick a similar career path if they are interested in it.

A school should be a fun place to learn with limitless opportunities, smiling faces, and an atmosphere that brings out the best in children. At the Country Club Montessori of Mansfield, Texas, this is exactly what we aim to do.