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Inspiration for Both Parents and Teachers
August 24, 2020 The Childrens Academy

Inspiration for Both Parents and Teachers

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Inspiration for Both Parents and Teachers

Every school year, a child will spend more time at home than they do in school. A parent is a child’s first teacher and education truly does begin at home. When parents and teachers work together to support a child’s learning, a child will flourish.

Throughout childhood, children are provided with ample opportunities to learn and develop, so here is some inspiration for ways both parents and teachers can enhance the development of children at home and in school.

Read, read, read, and not just books either! Children can learn lots by reading everyday things like instructions, cereal boxes, receipts and so much more. Where there’s something to be read, it’s an opportunity to learn.

Messy play is a childhood favorite and it’s clear why – sensory and messy play is a natural way for children to learn and explore the world around them. Messy play activities can be done at home and school to provide the perfect opportunity for children to learn fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Educational treasure hunts are popular tools to learn about local environments. Both teachers and parents alike can create treasure hunt lists of items or animals that can be found around the local area such as in the garden, play park, inside the home or school, and even along a walk.

Visit allotments or outdoor gardens to have a look around at what’s growing, learn how to grow vegetables and fruit, and perhaps even pick some to do some baking. You could even take some paper and crayons to create some rubbings of things like tree trunks.

Roleplay is such a wonderful way for children to learn about real-life situations. You can set up areas to create a play hair salon, store, hospital, or even a school. Keep it simple by using everyday materials and objects to allow children to think outside the box.

Go on a number and shape hunt around the building to find everyday objects that contain shapes or numbers – or both! Children can learn to recognize shapes and numbers in real-life situations. For example, a rectangle window and numbers on doors.

Would you like some more inspiration? At Country Club Montessori, of Mansfield, Texas, it would be a joy for us to help support your child’s learning at home. You are welcome to call us at 817-473-8585 to have a chat about how we work with parents.