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The importance of Reading
November 23, 2020 Russ Arnold

The importance of Reading

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The importance of Reading

Most parents know that reading is beneficial for the development of their child. Strong reading skills are a predictor for higher levels of intelligence as an adult. But what exactly does that mean? What are the actual effects of reading for children, and why is it so important for lifelong success?

Cognitive Effects
Some of the many cognitive effects of reading are increased concentration, visualization, and imagination. Studies have shown children that are either read to or read themselves have higher capacities for concentration, focus, imagination, and visualization. Increases in concentration and focus are directly beneficial to academic, professional, and personal tasks, allowing children the freedom to more fully pursue complex and important lines of inquiry, logic, and work. While it is easy to think that imagination and visualization are less important, that is not the case. Both traits are strongly indicated in visual imagery, comprehension, and word literacy. All of which are skills that are necessary for a world increasingly dependent on information, information technology, and information systems.

Emotional and Social Effects
However, don’t let the cognitive effects of reading steal all of the limelight. There are numerous social and emotional benefits of reading, for children, as well. Reading helps develop a sense of self, morality, character, and empathy. The characters whom they read about help teach how one should think about and react to various situations and social interactions in the world. Reading about and identifying with a variety of characters also greatly improves empathy, a necessary trait for social success. Without the many stories and charades that we are introduced to as children, we have a lessened sense of the world, what is possible, and how one should act or not. In addition, reading both encourages playfulness, which is associated with many aspects of well-being, social well-being included, and is strongly indicated in lower levels of stress and higher levels of mental well-being. For the reasons above, and more, reading can help children build healthy and sustainable relationships, both with themselves, and adults and children alike.

Building More Reading Into Your Child’s Life
The easiest way to integrate more reading into your child’s life is to buy a book and have them start reading! The second easiest way is to enroll them in Country Club Montessori, where we encourage reading of all kinds, and teach reading as a core pillar of our curriculum and philosophy. We love reading, and we think your child will too. Call us today at 817-473-8585 to schedule a meeting to better your child’s future!