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The Importance of Reading Aloud to Children
December 7, 2020 Russ Arnold

The Importance of Reading Aloud to Children

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The Importance of Reading Aloud to Children

Several studies have shown that reading aloud to children can dramatically benefit their mental development and prove invaluable to their educational pursuits. However, reading out loud to children has additional benefits as well as the academic boons. It is in the best interests of parents and guardians to read to their children on a routine basis.

Improvement of Cognitive Skills

Reading to children helps children develop skills in thinking and understanding, including problem-solving, memorization, and decision-making. As children develop their cognitive thinking, they learn to reason, process information, and focus on tasks and concepts. Reading aloud to children also boosts their vocabulary and their knowledge of the world.

Improvement of Language Skills

Reading to children at an early age stimulates the parts of the childrens’ brains responsible for communication skills, literary skills, and social skills. It also exposes children to “book language,” which is often far more technical and descriptive than speech alone. This will serve children well as they begin their education and read a variety of books.

Bonding with Children

Establishing and honoring a schedule of reading to children can form and strengthen a bond of trust between the reader and the child. Reading a book that the child enjoys can form and reinforce feelings of love and comfort. As children grow and develop, they’ll likely speak openly regarding the book being read, as well as issues related to the book.

Foster Discipline and Concentration

Having children sit and listen during out-loud readings trains them to be still and to focus. Even infants and toddlers who may not understand the words will soon become accustomed to being still and to give their attention to the reader.

Encourage and Improve Imagination

Reading a variety of books to children exposes them to an array of ideas and concepts. With some encouragement, children can combine or add to what they’ve heard, eventually creating their own ideas, concepts, and worlds.

Establishing a Love of Literacy

Associating reading with positive sensations and experiences will make children more likely to seek out books as they grow. Studies have shown that reading to children sends a “pleasure” sensation to their brains, making the joys associated with reading cerebral as well as emotional.

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