Apr 062014

Sometimes parents pour out affections on their children , dependent on how needy they are. Raising children is not easy and knowing what to do doesn’t come naturally, so to get the best results, you need to be taught the right things to do.

In order for parents to get their kids to do things the right way, they need to teach them that way. You need to start with a solid foundation, and then the chances of successful outcomes will be the greatest. You will be served well by trying these three excellent parenting tips.

The birth order of your children has a lot to do with the effect that your child-rearing will have on them. In larger families, the youngest can often feel neglected. In those cases, the larger the family, the more this is a possibility. Although the other children can take care of the youngest, it is just their way of interpreting their place within the family. Families need to take extra care to make sure that the youngest child does not feel this way, regardless of how this actually occurred. What needs to be done is to make efforts to make the youngest child feel that they are included, even if they are not neglected in any way. Single parents are perhaps in the position of greatest challenges with raising children. You need to assume the roles of both genders if you are a single parent and do everything both parents would do. When you are a single parent, and you happen to meet someone that you want in your life, this can change the algorithm of your relationship with your child. It is necessary to learn how to make this flow as soon as possible, which is why it is so important to learn as much as you can before this actually occurs. Whether or not this person lives with you, or still lives at their house or apartment, your child is still going to react in a certain way. It is essential that you figure out what to do in this type of situation before it actually transpires.

There’s great wisdom in the ancient adage to have balance in all areas of life. One time or another, you have probably experienced that lesson in your own life. For kids, though, try to steer them in the direction that gives them good balance. Along with having responsibilities at home, most kids do school related sports, school work, as well as make time for friends. After doing too much, everyone needs to recharge their batteries, and this can be done by relaxing during down time. That’s a lot for young kids when you think about it, and you’re in the position to make it all happen in a positive way.

There are no challenges in life that are anything like parenting challenges. If you aren’t ready for the hard selfless work, then don’t have any children. Some day all of the good things you do for your kids will help them. Sometimes children don’t appreciate their parents until they have their own children.

Apr 052014

A lot of parents discover that there are some difficult challenges involved with the disciplining of children. All kids have moments in which they are difficult to deal with and refuse to cooperate. How that child’s parent reacts is going to directly impact that child’s development later on. You do not want to overreact but you do not want to under react. So let’s explore some of the mistakes parents make with discipline and how to avoid them.

Disciplining your children is not the same thing as humiliating or disrespecting them. Making your kids feel ashamed is more likely to damage their self esteem than it is to earn better behavior in the future. For one thing, don’t yell at or insult your kids, especially in public.

Labeling your child as lazy, dumb or inconsiderate is also something you shouldn’t do. You won’t make your child change when you do this, you just reinforce the notion that he or she is somehow lacking. When the child is doing something that you do not like, you need to explain what he or she is doing wrong. What you want to do is encourage better behavior, not make your child feel inferior or ashamed.

One of the most common disciplining mistakes is for parents to make idle threats and not enforce their rules consistently. When you tell your child that he is going to be grounded for a week because of a certain action, and do not follow through, the child will quickly learn from this. The lesson isn’t the one you want to teach, though. Caution is imperative as you set up house rules and consequences, reasonableness is important as is your ability to actually carry them out. There are a number of ways in which threatening consequences that your children will never have to face can be hurtful. The biggest of which is that when they go out into the real world, they actually will have to face consequences when they break rules.

Parents can sometimes be overly critical of their kids. If you are a perfectionist, and expect your child to excel at everything, you’re likely to be making this mistake. That isn’t really about discipline but typically is about a parent who is desperate to feel successful even when that feeling is experienced through a child. It’s a good thing to want your kids to do well in school and in their other activities.

If, however, you are insistent that they be perfect in every way it will be hard for them to enjoy anything. It is important to encourage your children to try their hardest and do their best, but you have to recognize that each person has different abilities and interests and in different areas.

One of the more challenging parts of being a parent is dealing with discipline the right way. Disciplining your kids is tough and there are many mistakes, as you have just read, that parents can make. You just need to learn from your mistakes and not be too hard on yourself if you have made them. You will get positive results from your kids if you discipline them in a balanced manner. Good luck.