Our Schools


Our centers are clean, safe and well planned. Our administrators and teachers are responsible for ensuring this. 100% of our staff is First Aid and CPR certified. We provide activities specially designed for each child’s developmental level. Our child sized restroom facilities, sinks and equipment help promote self-reliance and confidence. Your child will be enriched with age appropriate toys, art, books, and computers.

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Positive Guidance/Discipline:

Our program is designed to encourage independence and self-control. We focus on positive reinforcement. If minor behavior problems occur the child will be redirected. We will help each child to understand what they feel and use appropriate methods to handle those feelings. When necessary, parent conferences may be requested. Discipline at our center is aimed on teaching the child self-control. If a child refuses to cooperate that child will be placed in “thinking time” where they can be observed but not participate with the group. The child will be allowed to return to the group when they are willing to cooperate. The Children’s Academy staff will work with parents in solving behavioral problems. If a child persists in behavior which is detrimental to other children, that child may be dismissed from enrollment.

Our Staff: 

Members of our staff are carefully selected, trained, and evaluated to ensure that they conform to The Children’s Academy philosophy of childcare. Each teacher must have the skills to meet the early education needs of children. Our teachers receive ongoing training to reinforce their childcare and early education skills. We also provide training for CPR and First Aide certification.

We support the professional development of our staff. Every staff member is required to complete training goals during the first year of their employment. Each goal is directed to improve curriculum, social interaction, and health and safety.

Outdoor Play:

Each room’s daily schedule includes two outdoor periods. (weather permitting) Your child will spend delightful hours engaged in playing with others.


Open House is held once a year. At this time the children present their academic and art work. Time is made available for parents and family to visit with all staff members. School parties are scheduled annually for the months of February, April, October, and December. Parents are encouraged to participate by attending or by helping with the party menu.