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Country Club Montessori School Mansfield, Texas

Country Club Montessori – Mansfield

Country Club Montessori School Mansfield, Texas

Country Club Montessori in Mansfield is a unique school providing children with early education based on the globally-renowned Montessori philosophy. Our school is located at 1770 Country Club Drive, Mansfield, Texas.

Our Montessori center has specially trained and certified staff-members passionate about children, with a focus on quality care and education. Our low student-to-teacher ratio enables us to give one-on-one attention to creating the perfect learning environment.

What is Montessori?

The Montessori system today is among the most popular and well-accepted models in children’s education. The system has gained widespread recognition throughout the US with an increasing number of parents opting for it, leading to a growing demand for Montessori-based schools. This translates to an attractive business proposition for parents and professionals wanting better options for their children.

Are you new to Montessori? Do you want more for your children? There can be significant differences between one Montessori school and another.

The mission of Country Club Montessori is to foster the development of the whole child through the creation of dynamic learning environments. Our staff is committed to supporting children’s highest academic potential and encouraging their growth as they become independent, responsible, and productive members of the community.

We believe children should be inspired by their good work, not by rewards. This creates a lifelong love of learning. As self-inspired learners, our students possess a strong conviction and power of the heart, with mind and body working together.

Our aim is to empower children by maintaining a unique balance of freedom and responsibility. These early experiences create a joy of learning that lasts a lifetime. We invite you to come see why we are the trendsetters in educational childcare!


Country Club Montessori – Mansfield

The Montessori system of education was proposed by Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first woman physician who also laid the groundwork based on her scientific observation of a child’s learning process.

Guided by her discovery that children teach themselves, Dr. Montessori designed a “structured environment” in which children could choose from a number of developmentally appropriate activities.

The Montessori system embraces learning through all five senses and not just through listening, watching or reading. Children in Montessori classes learn at their own pace and get to choose their activities individuality. Learning becomes an exciting, exploratory process leading to concentration and the love for learning.

Montessori focuses on and creativity while maintaining a structured environment, making the system popular all over the world including the USA.

Studies show the Montessori educated children are well prepared for later life academically, socially and emotionally.

In addition to scoring well on standardized tests, Montessori children are ranked above average on such criteria as following directions, turning in work on time, listening attentively, using basic skills, showing responsibility, asking provocative questions, showing enthusiasm for learning and adapting to new situations.

See what some of our parents say about us!

  • Our 3 year old has been attending The Children’s Academy for about 2 years now and we couldn’t be happier. All of the staff there are super sweet, professional and seem to genuinely love what they do! The facility is very clean and well-maintained (which to me is a HUGE deal with the daycare I choose) My daughter absolutely loves it and if she’s happy – Mama is happy! 🙂 I would most definitely recommend The Children’s Academy to any parents looking for a warm, inviting, safe, friendly and clean daycare for their child(ren).

    Courtney J

  • The infant room has been great. The teacher (Tia Barb) is amazing. She treats the babies like they are her very own. She makes sure to communicate any milestones and gives constant updates. Definitely recommend if looking for infant care.

    Kara S

  • The Children’s Academy has been so great for our family. They are incredibly kind to our one year old daughter and she absolutely loves her teachers. The staff exemplifies a high level of professionalism that gives us a great deal of confidence every day when we drop her off and pick her up. The facility is well kept and very secure. We have also noticed that all the families involved with the daycare are very friendly.

    Addison S