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The Childrens Academy

September 1, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 is being monitored by TCA. We continue to be diligent with our sanitation and safety protocols The Ultraviolet Sanitation System has been installed—not only will this help with covid-19 but it will also help with any other airborne bacteria and viruses.

Our cleaning and safety precautions will remain the same through September.

  1. There will be no “visitors” in the school—including people contracted to make repairs, employee interviews, prospective and currently enrolled parents—during operating hours.
  2. We have extremely limited availability in a few of our classrooms.
  3. Our outside schedules continue to be staggered and we are making sure we follow the guidance of the CDC and Tarrant County Health Department.
  4. Our teachers continue to have lunch prepared at the school every day—making the need to go out/in much less. All teachers are required to wear a mask during the day.
  5. Our safety procedures will continue—temperatures at the door, children’s hands sanitized before they may enter, and temperatures taken throughout the day. The first time you drop/pick up your child, each week, an affidavit stating you have not knowingly been in contact with someone who has covid-19 will need to be signed.
  6. All our staff are now working full-time hours.

The complete TCA plan of action can be downloaded at the link below.

TCA is over 30 years old and we have never had a more family-oriented group of teachers and parents. Our continued diligence in precautions is to maintain the “bubble” that all of us have created around our families, children, and team members. You can help us maintain this “Bubble” by doing the following.

  1. Keep your child home and call your doctor if they are running a fever.
  2. Avoid any unnecessary domestic or international air travel
  3. Avoid groups of more than 50 people that you do not know.
  4. Do not frequent businesses unless they require masks and insist on social distancing.
  5. Avoid high risk businesses or activities such as concerts, bars, or festivals.

Public School Partnership

Mansfield and Kennedale public school have started the 2020-2021 school year virtually. Both districts will then be transitioning to in-person learning later in the fall. TCA offers private kindergarten and first grade as in-person programs. Families are encouraged to enroll kindergarten and first grade students in our full time Montessori program for these ages. TCA does not offer virtual learning support for those grades, simply because honestly, we do not believe a 5 or 6-year-old should be in front of a screen to start on their road to learning. TCA will offer 2nd through 4th grade virtual learning and help the students as needed. If a student leaves TCA to attend in-person class at another public or private school the child will be required to have a negative corona virus test before they are able to return to The Children’s Academy.

Welcome to The Children’s Academy! 

We look forward to developing a strong and positive relationship with you and your child. We believe that communication between the parents and our staff is essential to fully meet your child’s needs. The Children’s Academy is proud to provide a nurturing, Christian Environment filled with warmth and encouragement. Our developmentally appropriate programs support imagination and a natural love of learning. Our programs, combined with our skilled and well trained staff, allows your child’s physical, social, emotional, and mental development to progress smoothly and naturally.

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Preschool & Daycare in Mansfield, Texas

Our Teaching Curriculum:

TCA uses the Christian based Pinnacle Curriculum and Montessori Principles. This approach provides your child with a child orientated environment, positive discipline techniques, and stress free learning. The program teaches your child independence, self-control, and confidence based on Christian Principles, values, and morals. Spanish, music, art, and Bible are taught in all regular classes. The school does not promote any specific church doctrine.

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TCA: Your child’s next preschool/daycare!

Our Program:

Our child care and day care program offers low child teacher ratios, daily breakfast, nutritious well balanced lunches, morning and afternoon snacks. All classes have daily schedules and planned weekly activities. The staff are professional and career minded. We offer ongoing staff development programs, and a staff tuition reimbursement program to encourage the staff to take additional college classes and training to better care for your child.

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Preschool and Daycare Mansfield, TX

The safest, cleanest daycare facility in Mansfield!

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Country Club Montessori, Mansfield, TX

Country Club Montessori School in Mansfield, Texas

We are firmly committed to Maria Montessori’s approach to learning in our overall programs. The Montessori method nurtures within children a love of learning, problem-solving skills, respect and consideration for others. The main objective of any Montessori School is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help children develop within themselves the foundation of good habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas which are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning. Our Montessori facility in Mansfield does just this!

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