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TCA: Toddlers 2

Children that are 18 months to approximately 24 months are in the Toddler 2 class.

Toddlers 2’s are now on the center’s schedule and food. They receive breakfast, a morning and afternoon snack, and a prepared nutritional lunch every day. Parents are still required to supply diapers and wipes. Nap time is from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM and Toddler 2’s sleep on mats provided by the school.

In the Toddler 2 classroom,  the curriculum starts working on memorization. Flash cards are used to reinforce learning the letters of the alphabet, numbers and colors.  Spanish words that correspond to the weekly unit  are taught.

  • Music is taught each week
  • Spanish is taught one day a week
  • Bible stories are taught twice a week
  • Toddler 2’s will receive daily physical education classes

toddlers 2