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Country Club Montessori School

At our Country Club Montessori School in Mansfield, we look forward to developing a strong and positive relationship with you. We believe that communication between parents and our staff is essential to fully meeting your child’s needs.

  • Our Country Club Montessori School is an unparalleled educational facility with a focus on building a foundation for a lifetime of learning.
  • Our team of educators is committed to providing a safe, informative and child driven environment.
  • We implement an authentic Montessori approach on general academics, concrete mathematics using an individualized program.
  • Our programs, combined with our skilled, trained staff allow your child’s physical, social, emotional, and mental development to progress smoothly and naturally.

The Montessori Approach

  • The Montessori method of education offers a knowledge-rich environment, through a child-led model.
  • Children learn joyfully, through working with carefully-sequenced, hands-on materials. Your child’s enthusiastic exploration naturally leads to a solid foundation and advanced academics.

Country Club Montessori School

Montessori – Your Dependable Partner

At our Country Club Montessori School, we believe an important part of our role is to serve as a support system for your family. We try to be here when you need us, with late pick-up hours and minimal school closures.  The Montessori approach works best when manifested in a community of like minds.

Our Montessori Private School Mansfield Program:

  •  The school features fully equipped, spacious classrooms and large age appropriate playgrounds.
  • Our school offers a flexible range of year-round programs for children from 6 weeks through Kindergarten with enrollment accepted throughout the year.
  • We are expertly staffed with Montessori certified teachers and trained assistants.
  • Together, we work to create stimulating learning environments fully equipped with Montessori materials and activities to interest and challenge the children.


For Country Club Montessori Parents:

We offer a monthly newsletter, special annual parent activities and many holiday events.

Mission Statement for Country Club Montessori School:

Our mission is to provide a child centered educational program that will honor God in a high-quality Christian based environment benefitting both our children and our parents.

Personal Philosophy of Mansfield Daycare:

  • I will respect myself as well as others.
  • I will respect their bodies, their minds, their works, and their personal goods.

TCA in Mansfield, Texas is a member of the Texas Licensed Child Care Association

The Children’s Academy, Mansfield Daycare and Private School, was founded in 1983. We are located in Mansfield, TX

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