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TCA: Pre Kindergarten

Pre School (Three’s, Four’s, and Five’s)

  • To enter the Pre-School Class a child must be a minimum of three years of age and be completely potty trained.
  • The Pre-Kindergarten Class has children three, four, and five years of age.
  • The  Pre-K class is designed to be a three-year classroom modeled after the Montessori Philosophy and Curriculum.
  • The Montessori Curriculum is child centered allowing the material and teachers  to teach different levels in the same classroom.
  • The benefit for younger children is they are able to learn much faster as they are exposed to more advanced concepts. The older children have an opportunity to develop leadership and teaching skills, in addition to; learning new concepts.
  • Children are given the freedom to choose the order they would like to complete their individualized work plan as long as they follow the classroom rules.
  • The Pinnacle Curriculum is also used in the Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms.
  • Spanish is taught three days a week, Bible Stories twice a week, art three days a week, and music two days a week.